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Volunteer Opportunities

We are continuously seeking individuals who strongly align with our mission and demonstrate a steadfast dedication to our cause. 

If you would like to explore this exciting opportunity further, we kindly request you to complete an online application.

Provider Resources

As you can imagine, there is a significant demand amongst caregivers worldwide for providers who possess experience with the brain-based treatment approach and possess an understanding of the overall philosophy of DMDD as presented on this website.

Furthermore, we have a considerable number of providers worldwide who are eager to enhance their knowledge by engaging with those peers more experienced with the brain-based treatment approach.

If you are a provider who welcomes the opportunity to be recognized as a beacon of light for your community and/or your peers, please complete our Provider Resource Form.

You can also download the form and send it back to:

Contribution Options

Revolutionize DMDD is operated entirely by dedicated volunteers, ensuring that every contribution we receive is carefully utilized to drive our progress. We sincerely appreciate each generous donation received, which will be directed towards supporting numerous important objectives.

Our immediate goals encompass establishing a robust online presence across multiple platforms, funding vital projects, engaging with providers and creating a comprehensive provider database, subscription-based research resources, family assistance initiatives, fostering collaborative partnerships, and much more.

These initiatives play a critical role in advancing our mission to educate individuals about DMDD, while also promoting awareness of a brain-based treatment approach for children and adolescents impacted by this condition.

Subscription Contributions

We are working to acquire annual subscriptions to distinguished and reputable resources for the latest advancements in medical research and educational resources.

We implore our generous supporters to assist us in securing those subscriptions so that we can continue to assistant and support the DMDD community.

We sincerely appreciate your support in helping us move forward.

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer a matching gift program, whereby employees, both current and retired, can have their charitable donations matched by the employer. We encourage you to reach out to your human resources department to ascertain if your company provides such a matching gift opportunity.

Planned Gifts

As you reflect on your long-term impact, we encourage you to consider your passions and aspirations for the future. Planned gifts present an opportunity to extend your dedication to Revolutionize DMDD even beyond your lifetime. Including Revolutionize DMDD in your long-term financial or estate plan is a significant decision that will leave a lasting influence on the individuals, initiatives, and principles that hold value to you. Whether it involves endowing a program or investing in a preferred field of interest, planned gifts play a crucial role in providing essential support to Revolutionize DMDD while simultaneously helping you attain your personal and financial objectives.

Stock Options

We would like to inform you that giving gifts of appreciated stocks and securities offers you the opportunity to contribute towards the Revolutionize DMDD initiative while also benefiting from several financial advantages. By donating stocks and securities, you can avoid capital gains taxes and qualify for a charitable tax deduction based on the fair market value on the date of your contribution. If you are interested in making a gift of securities, please reach out to us, and we will provide you with the necessary information to share with your financial professional.

If you are interested in participating in the gift options please contact us here.

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