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In Their Own Words

"I feel happy now and before I didn’t. I feel the difference!”

MM (age 12)

"I stopped feeling angry all of the time. I'm not the same kid, I've changed." GZ  (age 14)

Before the Brain-Based Treatment (age 7) 

"Mom, I don't think I can ever be happy, ever. Not even on another planet." Fast forward to today "I'm happy every day. I feel fine. I don't remember getting so upset, it was so long ago. I didn't know I even said that stuff."

DA (age 11)

"I'm not like "that" can ask me to do stuff. I can, now. I couldn't then." SW (age 15)

"For the first time, life doesn't feel so hard. It actually feels fun! I can make better decisions, and I don't get in so much trouble. I feel totally different. It has worked wonders. It really is a miracle, mom!" 

JK (age 11)

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