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Who We Are

Nicole Lytle

Executive Director

Board Member


Nicole is passionate about helping anyone who has a child struggling with DMDD. After her youngest son, now a teenager began showing signs of DMDD, this mother of three began an exhausting quest to find him help. After numerous years of failed medications, she finally found the right medication combination that turned her family’s life around. Her son’s stability, thanks to the brain-based treatment, is what keeps her helping as many families as possible achieve positive outcomes. As a founding member of Revolutionize DMDD, Nicole tapped into her digital marketing and design background to create the nonprofit's website. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and their beloved dog, Xander. A dog enthusiast at heart, Nicole can be found creating dazzling diamond paintings in her spare time.

nicole lytle executive director
heather gutierrez cao board

Heather Gutierrez 

Chief Administrative Officer

Board Member


Heather formed a strong connection with the DMDD community in 2013 while working with the now retired, Pediatric Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Matthews. She has since witnessed first-hand the transformation of hundreds of children who benefited from the brain-based treatment. Always with a listening ear and empathic heart, Heather dedicates her time and expertise to struggling families as they navigate their way to stability. She’s a founding member of Revolutionize DMDD and an active participant in the DMDD community. Heather is proud to be an 9th generation Central Texan. When not helping others, she can be found traveling, kayaking, and attending hockey games with her son.

The Revolutionize DMDD Organization would like to express its sincere appreciation for the exceptional dedication and invaluable expertise demonstrated by the following founding members and contributors:

Donna DiMaio Rooney, Becky Novotni, Kristin Vandersluis, Molly Anthony, Corrie Zimerla, Kathryn Hatheway, Andrea Davis Jones

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