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Dr. Larry Fisher

Dr. Larry Fisher

DMDD: Developing Treatment Strategies

On February 27, 2015, the late neuropsychologist, Dr. Larry Fisher, gave a presentation on DMDD to behavioral health professionals in Austin, TX. Dr. Fisher dedicated his life's work to understanding and helping chronically irritable children and his legacy lives on in part through this presentation. To date, this is perhaps the best resource available that clearly explains DMDD and how to effectively treat this neurological disorder. It discusses the history of the DMDD diagnosis, how it presents in children, as well as helpful treatment strategies, and behavioral management tools. For countless families struggling with DMDD, this video has led to a pathway of healing and the first step on their journey to stability. Please subscribe to the Revolutionize DMDD YouTube channel for more helpful videos to come.

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The presentation below is separated into 5 parts:

The total running time for all 5 videos is 1:30:39.

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