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Ways to Get Involved

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped by way of support, which has allowed us to embark on unchartered waters. This website took us two years from inception (when a group of moms from across the country came together, each fueled with the desire to help) to its official launch. 


Our goal is to assist as many children and families struggling with DMDD and educate others about the brain-based treatment, especially those in the medical community because there is HOPE.

We are still in need of funding as our journey has just begun. In order to move forward, we need your help. If you would like to support our mission to Revolutionize DMDD, please consider making a donation of any amount. Gift suggestions are below, or you may click the donate button at the top of your screen. 


Your support is greatly appreciated. On behalf of the children and families, we strive to help, we say thank you.


With gratitude,


Revolutionize DMDD 

Matching Gifts

Many employers have established matching gift plans that allow current and retired employees to have their charitable gifts matched by the employer. Please check with your human resource department to see if your company provides matching gifts.

Stock Gifts

Gifts of appreciated stocks and securities enable you to support Revolutionize DMDD, avoid capital gains taxes, and earn a charitable tax deduction for the fair market value on the date of the gift. To make a gift of securities, please contact us for information to share with your financial professional.

Planned Gifts

As you consider your legacy, we hope you think about your passions and hopes for the future. Planned gifts offer an opportunity to extend your commitment to Revolutionize DMDD beyond your lifetime. Including Revolutionize DMDD in your long-term financial or estate plan is a big decision that results in a lasting impact on the people, programs, and values important to you. Whether through endowing a program or investing in a favorite area of interest, planned gifts provide essential support to Revolutionize DMDD while at the same time helping you achieve your own personal and financial goals.


Time and Talents

Revolutionize DMDD is always looking for volunteers and blog writers! If interested, please reach out to the team via the contact form or email. 

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